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Cornea is the transparent layer of eye and plays a key role in vision. We at cornea centre the best superspeciality eye hospital in Ahmedabad work continuously to deliver the best eye treatment.


Everybody Deserves To See The World Real & Clear.

Our Experts

Specialists in Eye Care and Emergency Services

At the Cornea Centre, we understand ocular emergencies can arise at any time which is why we now also offer an emergency eye services.


Advanced technologies

Access to state-of-the-art technology and leading cornea consultant.

Patient centric approach

Patient comfort and wellbeing is paramount at Cornea Centre - from consultation, through to post-treatment.

16 years of medical experience

Cornea Centre is committed to providing the very best of personalised care.

Aftercare guidance and support

Post-treatment guidance is providing by our team, ensuring optimal results of your treatment

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What Our Patients Say!

“Patient first” is the guiding principle of Cornea Centre. Every day we strive to provide outstanding, compassionate and skilful care and service to our patient. Hear directly from our patients about their Cornea Centre experience.


Bharat Singh rathore

Hello, I am from Rajasthan. Dr Mehul R Patel is best eye doctor in Ahmedabad for keratoconus. He operated C3R operation on me. He is best cornea doctor in Gujarat. Very satisfied with his treatment. Very cooperative staff . Thank you

Ramesh Patel

I highly recommend Dr Mehul R Patel of Cornea Centre for eye problem. Kudos to Dr Mehul and his kind and professional team. Excellent patient care from start to end. All staff are very helpful and welcoming. Best eye hospital in ambawadi , Ahmedabad.

Dohjibhai Ramjibhai Chaudhary

I'm very happy. Very proud.my left side eye's service was very best and very fine work with me.. I wish you all the best wishes for your future golden life...🌹

Sahdev Thakor

Nice experiance with Dr Mehul Patel, Best eye hospital in ahmedabad, विजिटिंग jyoti eye hospital also for cornea problem

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