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Facilities designed with you in mind

Cornea Centre is supported by dedicated and experienced eye surgeon Dr Mehul R Patel who provide a wide range of eye procedures including laser eye surgery, cornea transplantation surgery, corneal tattooing, collagen cross link for keratoconus, stem cell transplantation, lens replacement surgery, ocular trauma management, pterygium surgery etc.

A calm reception

From start to finish, we ensure our patients feel relaxed, reassured and well cared for.

Our reception and waiting areas are light, airy and peaceful, with a friendly medical team to welcome you to best eye hospital and cornea clinic in Ahmedabad. Our Patient care team is always on hand to make sure everything you require is provided.

eye care hospital ahmedabad
best eye doctor in ahmedabad

State-of-the-art treatment rooms

The standard of equipment in our consultation rooms and theatres is world-class.

All rooms are fitted with the latest equipment and technology, including microscopes as well as the most technically advanced instruments for laser eye surgery, Cornea and ocular surface surgical techniques and procedures.

Our diagnostic equipment is linked to a secure, centralised computer system which stores all your medical and visual readings. This provides your Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon with a detailed picture of your eye, enabling them to assess and treat your condition to an unbeatable level of precision.

Eye Health and Cornea check up:

The cornea is the transparent window on the front of your eye. It plays an important role in vision. Together with the sclera (white of your eye), the cornea helps protect your eye. It keeps out dirt, germs and other particles. The cornea also filters out some of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light. The cornea has a slight curvature. As light enters your eye, the shape of the cornea refracts (bends) it. The curve helps your eye focus on objects that are close or far away. Cornea check up is main part in regular comprehensive eye examination at Cornea Centre in Ahmedabad which make the centre “best cornea hospital in Gujarat”. Following diagnostics are available at Cornea Centre to know more about cornea health like Pentacam® Corneal Tomography, Specular microscopy, Orbscan Corneal Topographer, Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography OCT, Corneal Pachymetry.

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How can I keep my cornea healthy?

To keep your corneas healthy:


Collagen Cross Linking Facility (C3R / CXL)

Cross linking is currently the only available treatment which appears to stop the worsening of keratoconus. Clinical trials based on outcomes 1 year after cross-linking show success in the halting of keratoconus in more than 90% of treated eyes, with more than 45% of eyes also gaining an improvement in corneal shape. Visual improvement after treatment occurs in approximately 50% of cases. However, after treatment you will still need to wear spectacles or contact lenses. Fell free to ask your Corneal Surgeon in Ahmedabad (Dr Mehul R Patel) , about when the C3R is required and what type.


Microbiology Lab Services

The Microbiology services at cornea centre in Ahmedabad provides a comprehensive service for the diagnosis of infection and advice on investigation and treatment of infection. The laboratory offers an extensive range of procedures in the areas of Bacteriology, Serology and Infection Control.

24 x 7 Eye Trauma Services

The Eye Emergency Department is based in Cornea Centre and treats people with urgent eye conditions or injuries. Cornea Centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat by Dr Mehul R Patel is specialist in ocular trauma. In the developed world, eye injury is among the most under-recognized factors of vision loss. Eye trauma can occur at work, home, school or during sports and other recreational activities

Cornea centre is one of the top eye hospital in Gujarat to provide eye emergency services.

If you have an eye injury or emergency eye problem please ring the Eye Emergency service at corneal centre in Ahmedabad for advice 85 1110 2220 and you will be given an urgent appointment.