Founder's Vision


Our vision is: “To provide excellent eye care and cornea care systems and also equitable that reach all those in need. ”

Our Mission: “The mission of Dr Mehul R Patel is to create a centre of excellence in eye care superspeciality services, with a focus on providing equitable and efficient eye care to everyone. Also to maintain highest level of safety and ethical approach in a patient centric environment.”



We believe to create a system with a patient-centric approach. We built a culture of discipline characterized by punctuality; high standards of cleanliness and hygiene; and respect for the dignity of every individual.

The Foundational Values :

  • 1) Transparency
  • 2) Patient First
  • 3) Excellence
  • 4) Equity

We would love to work towards upholding the Vision and Mission of the cornea centre; and demonstrating the 4 Values (Patient First, Excellence, Equity and Transparency) in all our functions and behaviours. We should continue to pursue these values and reflect on them each day, and be an inspiration to others.

Quality and Safety Standards

Cornea Centre is committed to delivering safe and high-quality skilled care through the pursuit of clinical and scientific excellence. At Cornea clinic we collect safety and quality data to compare against national benchmarks, conduct internal and external audits, ensure that our staff undergo a rigorous credentialing process and receive comprehensive training, promote a culture of transparency, and regularly review clinical risk and safety policies in accordance with evidence-based best practice


Who We Are...

We are supportive

We’re always there for each other.

We are respectful

We look for the best in people.

We are innovative

We’re full of bright ideas.

We are collaborative

We do things together.

Patient Care Promises

In keeping with our ‘Patient Care Promises’, and inspired by the Vision 2020 program, we aim:

  • To provide a full range and high quality services to patients with eye and cornea problems.
  • To continue trainings, to transfer skills and values to next generation of eye service professionals
  • To improve patient experience and leading the clinical outcome measures in India.
  • To improve the availability of information to vision impaired people and involve them in decision making during treatment as well as when planning services
  • To raise public awareness of the causes of avoidable blindness and the issues and problems relating to sight loss
  • To raise public awareness regarding Eye-Donation